2018 Registration Now Open!

Zahraa Institute registration now open for 2018! (Formerly known as Darun Naim li-Zuhur) Do you wish to read or hear the Quran and have the ability to understand it WITHOUT a translation Quran? Do you sometimes feel lost in the current of your life and feel that you need to slow it down and reconnect to the Ultimate source of peace? Have you matriculated but feel the need to gain some perspective on your life before jumping into a career choice? Or before deciding who to marry? Do you ever feel like you are just a “Muslim going through the motions” and yearn to gain more knowledge about your religion that is relevant and addresses contemporary issues? If you have answered yes to one or more of the questions above, consider taking a gap-year with Zahraa Institute.. The one-year “Quran-focus” program aims to introduce the student to the majestic words…


Upcoming Events: The True Purpose Tour

Zahraa Institute presents… THE TRUE PURPOSE TOUR A Quranic Self-Development Journey Be inspired to find your TRUE purpose, according to the Qur’an… JOIN US ON TOUR From: Sat 13 May to Sat 17 Jun 17 Visiting Manenberg, Bonteheuwel & Elsies River For females by females FREE entry, meal & secure parking TOUR DETAILS (1) Sat 13 May 17 2pm-4pm 🕌 Manenberg, Jordaan St (2) Sat 27 May 17 2pm-4pm 🕌 Bonteheuwel, Jakkalsvlei Rd (3) Sat 10 Jun 17 2pm-4pm 🕌 Elsies River, Siddique Ave (4) Sat 17 Jun 17 2pm-4pm 🕌 Bonteheuwel, Jakkalsvlei Rd TOPICS 7 Goals of Being – Surah Faatiha Finding Purpose – Surah Inshiqaaq Second Chances – Surah Duhaa For Youth, By Youth – Special Finale Join us in seeking Qur’anic knowledge to realise your true purpose inshaAllah CONTACT DETAILS For more info, contact Nashreen 📞 076 638 5627 ⌨ 💖 Like us: 💖 Follow…


Registration & Orientation 2017

Zahraa Institute Orientation 2017: For registered and prospective students Date: Wed 11th Jan Time: 9am-12pm Venue: Taronga Road mosque (Females section upstairs) What to expect: A warm welcome and introduction to Zahraa Institute Registration and payment facilities Receiving course materials Breakfast snacks Past student talk Parents & guardians are encouraged to attend Ladies only Classes commence on Thursday the 12th of Jan at 8:30am-12pm.. Friday 13th Jan classes will be from 8:30-10:30 For more info: Call/WhatsApp Nashreen Adams: 076 638 5627 email:


Darun Naim li-Zuhur becomes Zahraa Institute

Zahraa Institute: Zahraa institute aims to provide a warm, loving and motivating environment in which the light of faith within each of us can connect to the light of His Word. This will be achieved by embarking on a study of the Arabic language along with translation, tafseer and extraction of life lessons from the Quran. • From 2017 and beyond, Darun Naim li-Zuhur will be launching as an independent centre of Islamic learning for women, by women InshaAllah • Darun Naim li-Zuhur will be known as “Zahraa Institute”. • Zahraa means illumination or radiance, and our hope is that the Quran will be a source of illumination for you and that it may brighten your lives and hearts ameen.


Visit us during our “open-week” from the 27th-30th June!!!

🌺You are invited to come and see what Darun Naim li-Zuhur is all about!!🌺 If you are interested in doing the one-year course but you would like some more information, this is for you. Experience our natural class setting as our teachers translate portions of Quran. There will be a facility for registration and enquiries as well.. 🌺When: Mon-Thurs 27-30 June (during school holidays) 🌺Times: Anytime between 8:30-12:45 🌺Venue: Taronga road hall 🌺Females only🌺 To enquire please email Or WhatsApp 076 638 5627.. Looking forward to seeing you there! Darun Naim li-Zuhur admin


February 2016 update!

Darun Naim li-Zuhur newsletter- Feb 2016 Thoughts are powerful. They are the seeds which we plant in the garden of our hearts. Depending on the type of seed, they either yield beautiful blossoms or weeds. Blossoms are a fragrant reminder of beauty, love and new beginnings; a radiant reminder of consistent hope and appreciation of life itself. Weeds on the other hand, multiply and almost instantaneously flood the garden of our minds, silently obliterating every trace of vivid colour, removing our hope and leaving in its wake a bland and dull mediocrity which has so often become the colour we see in our lives. We have become so accustomed to this dull rhythm in which we are enveloped that we fail to see that we could create our brilliant garden and in it experience a myriad of wonderful life-changing and dynamic moments. This is not the purpose for which we…


Orientation and Registration 2016

  Orientation and registration for students and prospective students Tuesday 12th Jan 2016 Taronga road mosque Starts at 9:00am What to expect: Presentation about the course, meet the teachers, meet our class of 2016 and Question and answer session Course commences on Wed 13th Jan 2016 at 8:15am Darun Naim li-Zuhur Course Information Main outcome of the course A student with no previous Arabic background will leave this year with the ability to understand the Quran as it is being read! Pre-requisites Basic ability to read Arabic (students will not be asked to recite in class) Dedication and a positive mindset What to expect during the year First semester: See how easy and fun Arabic really is: Arabic grammar (Nahw) and interactive group-work sessions daily (Nahw tutorial) Morphology (Sarf) and interactive group-work sessions daily (Sarf tutorial) Quran study once a week:Translation and tafseer of Surah asr- Surah Al-Naas and Al-Fatiha…